Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Possibly, Maybe, Could Be Conceding Defeat!

Good morning, everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Crazy Shopping Day (that would be the day the stores open and all the wonderful Boxing Day sales start) this year!  I found three of those four days were fantastic. (I'm a "Love-Love-Love-The-Holiday-Season" kinda girl!)  However, Christmas day wasn't all I had hoped it would be.  Sigh!  (That was a long-drawn-out sigh . . . the kind that makes you feel really, really bad for me.)

Did I pester my husband to get up at 5:30 am to open gifts?  Of course I did!  Did I jump around like a child (or an idiot) because it was Christmas morning?  Of course!  Did I sing Christmas carols all the way to Corner Brook to see my beloved sister, Kathy, thereby driving my husband crazy . . . well, crazier?  Naturally!

So, why wasn't my Christmas day fun-filled from start to finish?  Well, let's just say that this posting is kinda like chewing off your own foot when it's caught in a trap.  (Now there's a cheery Christmas image!  lol)  It's going to be painful, but not as painful as letting someone else chew it off for you!  (Insert another heartfelt sigh here!)

Do you all remember when Kathy and I had a brief sisterly squabble over who would make each other the very most bestest Christmas card?  Well, I racked my brains . . . and the internet . . . to come up with an original-ish ('cause I did CASE some of the aspects) and extremely time-consuming to make, one of a kind, ultra gorgeous Christmas card designed to make Kathy weep because she could never, ever make as gorgeous a card as me!!!  (Seriously, that last sentence was deserving of three exclamation points!)

And here it is:

Isn't it adorable?  I used the rectangular frame from the "Designer Frames" Textured Impressions Embossing Folders Set, edged with a Versamarker and embossed with Gold Emboss Powder for the frame.  (I wanted to mimic an old-fashioned frame.)  I used a discontinued stamp from the Mr. Twigster stamp set for the image, since it fit the frame perfectly.

The wall was made with Real Red cardstock (cs) run through the "Stripes" Textured Impressions Embossing Folder.  The fireplace was assembled from multiple pieces of cs, some of it run through the "Square Lattice" Textured Impressions Embossing Folder to mimic brick.  The mantle was popped up on Dimensionals, curved on the ends and sponged to provide a 3-D effect.  

The swag hanging from the mantle was made from cs run through another Textured Impressions Embossing Folder, then cut using the Decorative Label punch.  The berries were made using the Handheld punch, glued on one by one and blinged up with Dazzling Details.  The stockings are from the Snow Much Fun stamp set and I used Dazzling Details on them to give a little more bling to the card.  

It was a crazy amount of work but it was worth it because my sister is worth it!  (Translation: I would definitely win bragging rights as the World's Best Cardmaker . . . Ever!!!  [I have a slight issue with self esteem, don't I? lol])

And then Kathy gave me the card she'd made for me . . . 

I have to admit that it is an absolutely gorgeous card, but I still think we could have put the two card fronts onto this blog and had a contest to determine which card was the best.  Then I opened the card and this is what I saw ;

I'm sure Kathy has taken even nicer pictures of her card but I will briefly outline what my widely opened eyes, dropped jaw, and slowly shriveling heart observed with a weird mixture of awe and dismay.

On the front:

  • a sleigh made from the Top Note Die
  • runners made from I-don't-know-what
  • 5 packages, all "wrapped " differently
  • 2 stockings
  • a little snowflake
  • a little snowman
  • 4 bows
  • 2 little bells

  • a pop-up display
  • the Christmas tree from the Snow Much Fun stamp set (cut out and popped up on Dimensionals)
  • 5 more gifts
  • a shopping bag 
  • 2 bows
She even used Shimmer Paper, Silver Glass Glitter and Silver cs!

And so I concede defeat . . . until next year!  lol

Down but not out hugs,

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