Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wow They are Still Coming!

Good Day Everyone!

How are you today?  I am feeling about the same but I have discovered since surgery that this is as much a mental journey as a physical one!

I have been so independent and capable all my life that to sit back and wait for others to do what I would normally do is harder than I realized.  But I am finally learning to allow others to help.  I have always been quick to be there for my family and friends and I now know that it is not only necessary but ok to ask for help and giving others that chance is a good thing.

All my life I took my body for granted and didn't think about what it could do.  But over the years my life became limited.   I looked at others and was jealous of just the simple act of walking.  I used to lay in bed in the mornings, before I got up, and pray that I would have just one day free of pain and numbness.

Now I get out of bed and feel joy at the small changes.  Not only can I walk but I can dance and play "Go, Go, Go" with Emily.  Life is good and I am optimistic that it will get better and better.  I will never again take what I have been given for granted.  Not my family nor my friends!

So now that I have all that out of my system, here are a couple more cards for you -

Look at the freshness of this card given to me by Michelle Marks!  Once again a Monochromatic pallet but the Crisp details help this one be a winner.  Thank you so much Michelle, you brightened my day.  See you at my next class!

Ok,  what to say about this beauty!  Mary Gaultois, you outdid yourself.  This card screams Spring and just look at the colors will ya!  You must have spend hours on this one for sure.!!!

Now I realize that this is three pics for one card but I just had to let you see the inside also. 

 I love the fold and the flowers.  Thank you so much, Mary, and I really enjoyed seeing your smiling face when you delivered it!

Now I have a clarification to take care of!  I have two lovely Ladies  named Pamela, who are wonderful stampers and I mix them up all the time. lol.
Apparently in my last post I gave credit for a card to the wrong Pam.  Thank you Pam Coles for pointing out this error.  I apologise for the error and here once again is the Card that Pamela Gale gave me!
Thanks Pam Gale and sorry for the confusion!
I had to post this cute pic of Emily our Snow Bunny!  She's not too sure about the taste of this white stuff!
One more of our little cutie!  I was gifted with a brand new camera Christmas and since I can't get out the only subject to try it on is Emily.  She doesn't mind but sometimes she just won't sit still.  So when she is getting her dinner is a perfect time to try the close up feature!
Well that's it for me today.  I think you heard enough blather from me today LOL. 
Mental Hugs!

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