Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year 2011

Well 2011 has arrived and I am in slow motion right now. The house is clean and finally finished. We renovated the living room and added all new furniture and I am delighted with the finished product. I have been taking some time off from my business but am now ready to get back to work. Too much lazy time is not always a good thing unless you are in a warm spot with beaches and warm water...I'm just saying.

I have been looking at other blogs and trying to figure where I want this one to go and right now am still not sure. But hopefully over the next couple of months I will find my way. I would like to do video's and tutorials of course and display my work. That is a given. There are so many talented crafts people in cyber space that this is just a little scary for me. But this year I am determined to push myself to get out there more and see where that goes. Right now I am retired but I am not ready to lay down and do nothing.

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  1. Awesome start, Katherine! I will be following your blog closely!