Monday, January 24, 2011

Sale A Bration

I am so excited - there is only one more day left before Sale a Bration starts.  I can't wait!  Free stuff for everyone - gotta love that!  For every $60.00 you spend you will receive a free stamp set or merchandise from the SAB catty or the Idea book and catalog (IBC).  The SAB catalog will go live on my Stampin' Up! website on Jan. 25th.  Just follow the link on the left hand side of my blog

My sister suggested that before I post a video of a card that I am doing I post a pic of the card so that if you like it you would know before hand if you wanted to do that card.  Makes sense to me.  I was just so excited to get a video done that I never thought of that. lol.  A little known fact is that my DH never phones me when he is working but last week when I was trying to tape the tutorial he phoned me a total of 10 times.  All I could do (after I fininshed @#%@@ ) was laugh.  Talk about Murphy's law....

Anyway I thought that today I would post a pic of the completed card and one other that I salvaged  out of the flubbed videos.  Enjoy and don't forget to get your orders ready SAB starts tomorrow.  Free Rubbah Whoo Hoo!!!!!!
This is the card from the video with a sentiment in the upper left hand corner

This is the second card with the sentiment stamped and no Bevelled window pane.
Thanks for looking ladies
embossed hugs!

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  1. Wow! Your sister is a genius . . . and so are you for listening to her! lol

    What beautiful cards!

    You sister,