Monday, February 14, 2011

No Stampin Today

Hi everyone,  I haven't been stamping today as I am on bed rest for a wonky back.  I had that large party for my Mother in law and kinda over did it.  (it doesn't take much)  But I thought I would post a couple of pic's of the party.  We had a lovely day a great crowd and several surprise guests.  I got my hair done by the world's best hair stylist - my sister in law Kimberly Fiander.  If you are ever in St. John's give her a call.  Her lovely daughter Shoorah was my kitchen helper and Rick's first cousin flew in for 24 hours to attend.  We were so pleased to see him.  All in all it was a success and Shirley really enjoyed herself. 

Now I just have to get ready for the Winter Carnival Craft Fair at the Pepsi Center on Feb. 19th.  Boy I could really use either another week or another pair of hands. lol

Anyway here are the pic's.
The cake

 The family in the back Shirley, Rick, Shoorah and Victor, Front row Me and Kim
 Of course it wouldn't be a party with out some cake on someone's nose.  What a fun pic.
 Miss Shoorah surrounded by her grandmother's flowers.  What a nut!
Well that's it for today and hopefully tomorrow I will have something to show you.  I will be stamping tomorrow come hell or high water or kinky back!   Strawberry kisses.

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