Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where's your car? and a Winner

Good day everyone.  Well yesterday was a fun day for me even with my wonky back.   I had a great time chatting with people ( you know that I love to talk right?) and showing my paper crafts.  Special thanks go to Debbie Tipple - for the Tim's coffee, Colleen O'Leary for spending time helping and providing lunch, and Sharon O'Bryan for helping me with the set up and taking down of all the displays.  Sharon has a HUGE truck and everything went into it no problem in fact after we loaded it up to head home we both piled in and drove to Massey Drive chatting all the way.  When we got to my place Sharon looks at me and says "Where's your car?"  I looked at her, she looked at me and we both burst out laughing.  Guess where the car was?  Yeah you got it, back at the pepsi center.  I had arrived by myself that morning and completely forgot all about it.  I know it was a V-8 moment!  What a way to end the day,  so back we drove to pick up my little forgotten car laughing all the way! 

I had a door prize yesterday that I drew for this afternoon and the winner is  Buffy Anderson from Pasadena.  I will be in touch with her later today.  Congratulations Buffy!

Here are some pic's of the tables and displays enjoy and hopefully tomorrow I will have something to show you.

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