Monday, March 28, 2011

Downtown Toronto

First we were afraid, we were petrified!
Thought we would never get to downtown Toronto alive!
But then we figured out North, South, East and West
And we grew stong, we figured out how to get along,

And now we're back from Queen Street west
We rode the rails all day
and met some crazies along the way! (ok I know that doesn't rhyme but I'm trying)

Good day everyone!  Well the adventure continues!  While in the Toronto area looking for dresses for me and shoes, we (Carrie and I) decided to try  downtown TO.  Now to the uninitiated this can be a scary thing to do.  (that would be us, definitely babes in the subway)  We started at Scarbourough Center and took the Rail Transit and the subway to Queen Street West.  We got on the wrong trains going the wrong way several times and even wound up back where we started once or twice, but we met some very nice people who helped us along the way.  I definitely would not want to  live here but it was exciting to try something new.  Carrie had never been on the subway either so it was new to both of us.  Yes there were several people who were a little scary -a man with long dread locks, singing out loud and another one carrying on a conversation to himself but no words just LOTS of arms moving though.  But suddenly the whole way of doing things just clicked when we figured out the map.  Then it got so much easier and we got very confident about everything.

  We went to a place called Creative Bags and I had to be restrained from spending too much money. Got a lot of great decoration things for the tables at the wedding.  yay!   We also found a great place to eat called Dr. Deli and the Salad Queen. Double yay!   Great food and even greater prices.  Unfortunately because of the mix ups on the subway we really didn't have much time to look around, but  Next time I come back we are going to go to the Eaton Center and spend the day there. 

Tonight Carrie is teaching a Wilton Decorating course (she is certified by Wilton)  and I am going with her.  Should be lots of fun.   I love sweets and put icing on anything and I am in heaven.  Have to be a good girl though cause since I said yes to a dress I can't gain weight for the next 4 months. 

I don't have anything new in cards today but I will have a video for you on Wed or Thurs.  So stay tuned. 
Adventurous hugs!

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