Saturday, March 26, 2011

We've done it!!

Good day everyone!  It's early  morning here in Toronto and Carrie and I are gearing up for another day of power shopping.  Shopping update - one beautiful wedding gown (no pic's allowed by order of the bride) one really nice dress for me (which of course will have to be altered but will match the colors of the wedding so well it's crazy)  lots of decoration items for the tables and a couple of fabulous meals out.  Last night I took out my children for a wonderful supper at Montana's.  The waiter was so much fun and I know that he was hoping for a great tip (which he got btw)   I laughed the whole way through supper.  (the extra caffine from the drinks may have helped)  But enough about me! 

I have a new video for you.  How to fix an ink pad!  It's just a short video but it may help some of you in the future if you ever get into the same situation that I did.  So here it is -

That's it from me from Sunny Toronto.  (gosh I sound like I am working in a TV program "Back to you Bob" )  We are heading out on a shoe hunt.  I feel like Carrie on Sex in the City!  I am not too sure if we feel confident enough to try downtown Toronto but will let you know on Monday!  Big City hugs!!!

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