Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Number three!!!

Whoo Hoo Stampers!!  I just got a card in the mail from Marlayne Hardy the fearless leader of Sparkle Daisy's of which I am a member.  Apparently because of all of you and SAB I am Number three!  This group is based in Ontario so think of the demographics - WOW  this is so great!  Feel free to copy the card cause it is super nice. 
I'm heading home tomorrow and looking forward to getting back.  I have missed everyone and my craft room and my husband.  Yeah I know the order is not good for my DH but what can I do?  It is how I feel.  I have talked to him every day but I can't call my craft room and say that I missed it now can I?  Can't you just imagine the conversation?  "Hi I am missing you, how are you doing?  - dead silence.  What are you up to now?  - again silence,  well you get the picture!.  I am so silly.  So chat with you all later.  Unbelievable hugs!

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