Monday, April 4, 2011

A question concerning the Clearance Rack!

Good afternoon stampers.   I was just checking my e-mail and in one of the mailings there was a question concerning the clearance rack.  The lady wanted to know does she have to order just clearance items on her on-line order or can she also order from the catalog?   The answer is yes you can order from any catalog that is currently active.  You can add items that you are interested in and also add the clearance rack items to the order.

 That way if you don't want a lot from the clearance rack but need some things from the catty you can maximize the shipping and handling costs.  For orders under $100.00 you will pay $9.95 so if you have only $20.00 from the clearance rack it will cost you and the sale price is not so great.  But if you needed other items and it brings up the total then you still pay $9.95.  But you won't pay shipping and handling twice - once on the clearance rack and once for the regular order.    I hope that makes sense. 

If you have any questions I will be flying home tomorrow and am available anytime after that for phone calls.  Have a great day and chat with you later in the week when I will have photo tutorials and videos and  loads of new creations from my craft room.

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