Saturday, October 8, 2011

Serene Snowflakes and a Movie

Good Day Inky People!   Today's post is just a continuation of the last one.  Now that I have this masking and sponging thing in my head I am looking at all my stamp sets and saying HMMMM!   As for the movie thing well - Last Saturday I looked at my DH and asked him if he wanted to see a movie.  He said yes and we decided to watch one of the new ones.  No sooner had we decided but the phone rang and he was called out to work.  He works with the local power company and even if he is not on call he gets called out.  ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!!!!  Anyway I watched "Mars needs Moms"  It was cute but dark to watch. 

He came home 6:30am. the following morning and got a couple of hours sleep and got called out again.  So this week we had what the forecasters have called a "weather bomb" and I haven't had to cook supper all this week cause he has been working almost around the clock.  So until he retires I won't be asking him to watch anything at all let alone a movie. lol.

I am used to his being called out at all hours of the day and night but sometimes it's lonely.  Fortunately I have so much to do it helps.  News flash I finally am rounding the corner in my craft room.  (No pun intended lol. ) I have moved furniture and thrown out 5 bags of garbage (things I will never use again) and it is looking much better.  Now I just need to win some huge lottery so I can build a proper room.  haha like that's going to happen in my lifetime.

As I said since I did that photo tutorial on the fall card I have been looking at my stamp sets and wondering if I could  something with them.  So today's card uses "Serene Snowflakes"

This is a really hard card to photograph.  It's shiny and beautiful.  I used Baja Breeze, Bashful Blue and Marina Mist for the sponging.  And while the mask was on I wet my hand with a small amount of water and threw it on the card.  I wanted to see what would happen with the blue.  I was trying to make it look like snow.  I like it!  I removed the masks and used the Platinum Shimmer paint (116807) and sponge daubers (102892) to color the snow flakes. 

I turned off the flash for this pic because I was trying to get a clearer pic.  If you want to see it closer then just click on the photo. 

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That's all for today everyone, I think hubby is going to be home for supper so I am heading to the kitchen to make a soup.   Serene Hugs!

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