Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snow Much Fun Class Finalized

Whoo Hoo Inky People!  I had a great day yesterday.  Spent the evening on the phone and did get a few more workshops/classes so I am stoked.  If you didn't receive a phone call last night then you may hear from me tomorrow lol.  I will update you and let you know if we booked 10.000 workshops in one day. 

Another great thing about yesterday I got my "Snow much Fun" class finished.  I knew what I wanted to do but I still had to design it.  The class will do 5 projects and leave here with the Snow much Fun stamp set and some Chunky glass glitter also.  Check out my website for time and date, click here.  Or better yet host your own party in your own home!  Let me provide the fun you provide the place!

This is a pic of the whole class!  What do you think?  If this is a class you would like to do or would like instructions for just contact me today!

A stinking cute card made with the "Snow Much Fun" stamp set!  Love it!

An even cuter box just the right size for goodies!

A glass candle holder with Decor elements -  Joy added just for fun!

A 6" pure white pillar candle decorated with the "Snow much Fun" stamp set, glitter and a funky belly band!

To round everything off an adorable tag!  So sign up for this class or call me and host one of your own! 

I am currently working on that photo tutorial I promised but this class was too much fun not to post!  Besides I like to brag, boast, crow, you know how it is!  I just can't keep this much go-jus-ness to myself!

Chat with you later!  "Snow Much Fun" hugs!

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  1. Hey, Kathy. I love all of these projects! Beautiful! Can't wait for the class!