Saturday, November 12, 2011

Polished Stone Technique

Good Evening Stampers!

Well I have had an uneventful day today.  My DH and I went out to supper last night at a friends home and wow what a wonderful meal.  Then we had a lovely chat and decided to play cards with the men.  Well we got spanked.  Lost all of the evening and I can't say the last time I saw such awful cards.  And my friends husband - well, I think he had a horseshoe hidden somewhere.  I'm just saying....  We left there around 2:00am. 

I was so shocked when I looked at the time.  The first time I looked was 10:10pm and figured it was about 12:00am or so.  Can't tell you how tired I am today, but I have no one to blame but myself. lol.

So I have the tutorial done for you and here it is... Polished stone-

I used Pool Party, Island Indigo and Glossy Card stock. 

I used Pool Party, Island Indigo and Marina Mist re-inkers and rubbing alcohol and three cotton balls for this technique.

Starting with the lightest color, Pool Party, and the rubbing alcohol I add some to the cotton ball.  Add the rubbing alcohol first and don't soak the cotton ball but add enough to make it slightly wet.  Add some of the re-inker.

I don't really have a plan here but I just drag it around the glossy card stock until I like the look.  :O)  Then I do the next color which will be Marina Mist.  I drag that in swirly lines not filling in all the white because I have another color to add.

Here is what it looks like with the second color.  Now I am ready to add the last color.  Island Indigo. 

This is what it looks like after the last color is done.  If I want I can go back and add some of the lightest color to fill in the blanks.  Because I am not really a patient person I heat up the card stock with the heat tool to dry the ink.  That way I can emboss quicker. 

I rub the embossing buddy over the now dried card stock and using Versamark ink I stamp right over the color.  Then I added some Silver Embossing powder and heat set it with my heat tool.

See here it is all done and shiny!!!

I used Vellum Card stock and made a strip about and 1 1/2" wide and stamped on it with my greeting and Island Indigo ink.  Again I used the heat tool because ink takes a looong while to dry when it is on Vellum.

Here it is all stamped.  I then placed it on the card stock and trimmed the edges with my scissors.

I used Snail to adhere the Vellum to the card.  Because of the pattern underneath you can't see the snail that holds the vellum.  It really turned out lovely.

On Monday I will show you a pic of a card that I was inspired to do at my friends house on Friday night while playing cards (and losing reallllly badly).  I will get her to send me a pic of the picture I stared at all evening long while inspiration was perking.  Maybe that's why we lost - nope it was the poopie cards.
Technical hugs!

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