Friday, December 16, 2011

Early Present!

Good Day Stampers!

How is everyone doing?  Got all your gifts and shopping and decorating done?  No?  Well you better get a hustle on cause Santa is not going to wait for you! lol

I am going to do some bragging here so if you don't want to read this then look away now!  I got up yesterday morning and started in on some Christmas Projects and remembered to check the snail mail.  Looking for a couple of things for my DH,  Well guess what I found?  I got a present from my up-line Kay Smith.  Apparently I was Number one in sales and recruiting for 2011 in Newfoundland.  To say I am pleased and proud is somewhat of an understatement.  I am so thankful to all my ladies for helping me achieve this goal.  Without you I am nothing! 

For those of you who don't know our island of Newfoundland, Corner Brook is a smallish city with several out laying areas.  The main city and our capitol, is St. John's and it would make three or four of us here on the West Coast.  But despite the size and population I managed to pull off a Number One!  Yay us!

So what did I get you ask?  Well have a look for yourselves!

This is the outside of the DVD case and the Christmas Card that Kay sent me.

And all of this was packed on the inside.  I got some pearls (can use these for sure) a pen with Super Strawberry Stampers on it (Kay's Group name) a beautiful card and a gift certificate for Timmy's.  Put a super sized smile on my face for quite awhile.  Thanks Kay, I loved it!

 I have a share for you today.  Every year I offer my stampers a contest.  I design 12 cards - one a week and they have to re-create the layout.  For every Week they enter (by sending me a pic of the card) they get an entry for the contest.  They also have to sign up for this contest because it's not automatic.  I had such a huge response this year.  I was so pleased to see the creativity and also pleased to get so many e-mails per week.  This card was Week 1. 
I used Night of Navy c/s and Embossed the greeting in Silver.  The snowflakes come from Serene Snowflakes and to get the shimmer I used Platinum shimmer paint daubed onto the stamp and then stamped onto the card stock. 

This side pic gives you an idea of how the snowflakes look.  Very pretty!

Now for the big Announcement!  The winner of this contest is - Tracey Greening!   Yay you girl!  Your name was drawn and I will be getting that gift to you.  I will post a pic of the gift tomorrow. 

Don't forget everyone, I offer Gift Certificates for those stampers on your lists.  Just contact me and purchase a certificate for any amount packaged for holiday giving.

So today's joke is a funny card that I found while surfing the web.  I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I love anything to do with reindeer.  Just a smile this time not a groan - Sliding off my schedule hugs!

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