Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Book the Park Day and Retired Accessories List!

Good day everyone!

Well it's been one full year since I had to contend with "Book the Park" madness.   For those of you who are new to my blog here is a short history. 

I live with a man who LOVES to Salmon Fish.  So we go camping every year (39) to accomodate his interests.  I go because I  have to love him.  Around this time of the year we have to book our campsite for the summer.  And don't think for a minute that we are going to a different place every year - oh no - its the same place EVERY FREAKING YEAR!!!!  And the same campsite.  126 at Sir Richard Squires Memorial Park or Big Falls as it is known by the locals.

I wrote a bit about that a year ago and I had thought to send you there to get the lowdown but unfortunately I can't find it (scratching my head).  So bear with me and follow my crazy morning. 

 Up this morning at 6:00am - the site does not open until 7:00am.  He is on the computer in the living room with no less than 10 windows open to the booking site.  (Which doesn't open until 7:00am)

 I am seated on the living room sofa peering through one eye (the open one) at the screen of my laptop.  Cell phone in hand I might add.  (He has the home phone in his hot little hand, programed with the park reservation number.)

  Then he rushes upstairs and brings down his laptop.  Now I don't know who is going to operate this one folks as we don't have any family members home and we don't own a monkey or any another animal with opposing thumbs. 

But yes, he does, he places it on the coffee table along side me.  So now I have to wake up and operate two computers at the same time.  Are you freaking kidding me???

So he gets in (surprise, surprise, you can tell I'm just not that dedicated lol)  and I have to rush to fill in the application form (with him breathing over my shoulder).  And it's done for another year.

 Time - 7:0 freaking 3 am.  The only thing that is keeping me sane and from not killing him is knowing that I don't have to spend the WHOLE summer there this year as I will be in Ottawa for baby time.   Heavy sigh of relief here. 

And  are you scratching your heads wondering why I am still here and not in jail for manslaughter.  Seriously though it's just so funny that how do you not end up laughing.  He's a crazy man! 

Now for some business details....  Stampin' Up has just released their Retiring Accessories list.  There are a number of items on sale, so check that out for sure.  Don't worry they are not doing a total shake up of their color line just re-vamping their color pads.  According to their Q & A's they will be using a new style of ink pad. We will have to see lol.!

A run down of the finer points!
  1. The Simply Adorned Jewelry Line is retiring 
  2. The Definitely Decorative Line is retiring
  3. We are getting a new style of ink pad, with a firm foam pad,
  4. 12 x 12 paper is going to be packaged differently
  5. Individual Markers are also going to be packaged differently, so if you need some colors, pick them up now
  6. 2010 - 2012 in colors, are retiring
  7. Lots of tools and Big Shot items are retiring

I think that about covers the important stuff.




Check back tomorrow and I will have  a card to share and not just my craziness.  Sorry about the rant folks but hey, friends understand right?
Year 39 at Big Falls Hugs!

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