Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faux Patina Technique!

Good Day Everyone!

Today is so windy here in Corner Brook.  It is a lovely day but the wind has kicked up and you could blow away here.  But I have some windows open to the fresh air and enjoying every minute of it.  Can't wait to get my bench out to put on the porch so I can sit out and have my Espresso!

Some of my readers commented on the events of yesterday and suggested that I may have exaggerated some of the facts.  I am here to tell you on a stack of bibles, there was no fabrication.  This happens every year and is the complete truth.  Thank you for your concern over my literary ethics.

Now on to more interesting things.

 I have finished my class for this up coming Sunday here at 25 Massey Drive at 1:00pm.  Cost for this class is $12.00 or FREE with a $25.00 order.  

 I am offering a Mother's day Telescoping card (which you have already seen).  There is, of course, a Father's Day card.  I  used the stamp Packed for Dad.  This stamp is in the Occasions Mini (only until the end of this month though) and an Anniversary/Birthday card using the Faux Patina Technique. 

Here is the Father's Day Card!

I used the retired accessory Twill Tape.  Can't use ribbon on a man card can you!  It makes it too girly lol!  What do you think?

This is a close up of the 3D aspect of the card.  It's simple but fun to vintage up this card.  Can't wait for the class!

Now the next picture is of the Faux Patina Technique.  I had a lot of fun making this card and yes once again - Butterflies.  It really nice to see this technique take shape.  I hope the ladies like it because I can see this one being done on many more cards or projects.  It almost looks like oxidized metal.  Love it! 

Is this not gojus?  OMG you have to see it IRL.  (Colleen hates it when I use computer speak tee hee.)

My son and Daughter in Law have an Anniversary coming up and usually around this time of the year I get REALLY busy and don't get a card in the mail on time. This year I am on top of things. Apparently I am good at making them, just not so great at getting them in the mail.

And to round off the class, this beauty.  I know that you have seen it but I have to show you again and to brag just a little bit.  I opened up my e-mail this morning and found this comment from Buggainok on Splitcoast stampers.  It made my week I can tell you.  Here is the link and I hope this doesn't sound like I am bragging and feeling full of myself but I just had to share this comment.
Wasn't that nice of her?  Thank you so much!

Ok that's it for today.  I made up for yesterday's no card post and gave you two today.  Hope you're satisfied lol.
Not Technically Challenged anymore hugs!

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  1. Love your take on my faux patina technique! Beautiful with the butterfly!