Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Ink Pads!

Good Day Creative people!

As I mentioned yesterday, my goodies have arrived from Stampin' Up!  Yes it like Christmas around here.  Presents for me!  But I am willing to share with you once May is over!

I just found something on my new stamp pads that makes me so bubbly happy that I can hardly contain myself.  (yes, I lead a quiet life) 

Not only do the new stamp pads have better coverage but they come with their own labels built in!  Yes they do!  How great is that?  Stampin' Up! is so smart!

Have a little look -

This is one of the new in colors for 2012 -2014

On the reverse side of the stamp pad, there are labels in English, Spanish,
French and German. 

You peel off the labels and find the one you want to use, in our case, English.

This is what it looks like before I stuck it to the stamp pad.

Ain't it purty???

Now the difference is hard to see here but if you click on the picture you will be able to see the surface of the pad.  The ink pad is a type of foam which means that no matter what the type of  stamp, you will still get good coverage.  You definately need less pressure also.

  How many times have you stamped and the middle of the stamp either didn't have ink on it or was splotchy?  Well thanks to new technology our problems are solved. 

I had thought that I wouldn't  replace my stamp pads, but I think over time I will  convert them all to the new style.  I usually don't jump on the band wagon until I have tried it but this is me jumping high!

This image is one from Betsy's Blossoms and I used  Midnight Muse ink.  The ink bonds to the card stock better and dries really fast.  Love it!

If you look closely you can seel that the image on the left is clearer and the image on the right is a little blotchy.  (and no I didn't cheat and stamp funny, in case you were thinking that lol.)

Ok I just had to play with my new pre-order merchandise and make you a card.  Want a look?  Of course you do!

This card uses Gumball green and Starfruit Yellow along with Midnight  Muse!  Don't you just love the names?  I tried once again to get a simple card and tomorrow I will show you another one with the same layout but different embellishments. 

Done for today friends!  Don't forget that there is only one more week left to order the retired accessories and stamps before they are gone forever! 

It doesn't take much to make me happy hugs!


  1. It's the little things in life that make us so happy, right?? ;) I'm loving the new ink pads, can't wait for my first workshop! How do you like the new in colors?

    1. I am loving some of the colors of course. Gumball Green and Midnight Muse for sure. I really haven't had time to try out the other colors. But I expect over the next week to get to use them all. lol.

      I do love the new ink pads - better overall stamping but there is a learning curve for those of us who are used to the linen pads. Lots of pressure :O) equals too much ink on the edges and for some stampers who tend to rock their stamp, it could be an issue.

      I will just have to see how they work in a class setting.

      When is your first workshop scheduled for? It can be exciting and yet terifying at the same time. I wish you good luck and many orders.