Thursday, May 17, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

Good day wonderful ones!

It's raining and overcast here in Corner Brook today but I am being productive.  Still putting the finishing touches on a wedding project for one of my brides.  Hoping to have that finished by the end of May!

As I mentioned yesterday I got a couple of new stamp sets.  Aviary and Up, Up and Away!  Yesterday you saw a quick card done with Aviary and today I put the Up Up and away set together and here's what I made -

I'm really liking the Pink and Grey theme here.  I used the Big Shot and the Edgelits to make the cute scallop border. 

 I stamped the balloons in Basic Grey, colored them in with a Pretty in Pink marker and then cut them out.  Added some Dazzling Diamonds as you can see! 

 I was just going to stamp Happy B-day once but as you can see I ran the greeting right across the bottom.  Think Birthday song :O) 

  I did do the border around the balloons free hand but I had a secret weapon.  My grid paper.  I first lined up the card stock and then drew lines down the sides and across the top of the Whisper White card stock with a pencil.  Then I doodled the border on the grid paper and all I had to do was follow the  lines and the border within the boxes.  Here is a pic to help you understand.

I just had to stay within the lines to make this border fit really well.  And it was easy to line up once it was thought out.  And you think I just sit and read all day right?  Not so, sometimes I actually use my brain!  hahaha

Now a quick change of subject!  I received a couple of cards for my Birthday and thought you might like to see them.

This one was from my niece, Karen.  She is Colleen's daughter (one of them) and Colleen sent her some cards for Xmas this year for her to give to her friends.   Inside she thanks me for teaching her mom to make cards so she has something to send me.  Too funny!  Thank you Karen and Mark!

This beauty is from Colleen.  Apparently she is still in contest mode.  She might even win this one because I don't make my own b-day cards.  So maybe we should give her this one! 

This is adorable and so pretty in Pink!  She went to a lot of work and according to her this was her third attempt at making me a card.  She listed all the things she did just so I would know how much work she put into it.  OMG she cracks me up!!!!

This is a close up of the Trellis work she did.  She was aiming for flowers climbing up a trellis and it actually did look like that.  The butterflies were done with shaving cream.  She also sprayed the flowers with Shimmer Mist to make them sparkle!   Lovely!!

This card is from my good friend Debbie Tipple.  Apparently she also made another attempt before I got this one.  It appears that they are afraid of me lol

Debbie used the Apothecary Stamp set and some really lovely colors.  I love the pop of Yellow!
Debbie  said she did it in about 10 minutes.   Colleen's was totally disgusted with her!  You hit it out of the park Debbie and gave Colleen a run for her money!

This is the card my Daughter sent me.  She doesn't make cards, just a baby :O)  I called her and asked her who she talked to at the card place to get such a great card.  We have had this talk over the phone several times.  She scolds me about skipping meals.  Which I do when I get busy and distracted. 

And this is so Carrie because she really does love to tell people what to do.  I laughed so hard when I read the punch line.  Thanks Carrie I love it!

This is the card my son and his wife sent me along with some money to purchase some books for my Kindle.  Really thoughtful!  I love to read!  I have already purchased two books!  Still looking for something else!  Any suggestions?  And no, not 50 Shades of Grey ok?

Marie, my DIL, calls me K-Mom!  I really like that. Thanks sweeties for the cards and gift.

Well that's it for today!  It's almost 2:00pm here and I haven't had dinner yet!  See, that's what I do!  I'm a bad puddy tat!  Chat with you later!

Joyful and thankful hugs!

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