Friday, June 15, 2012

Lots of news and More Winners!

Good day Inky People!

Whew it's been a busy week and I am running in place now and breathing heavily!  Just got back from my Road Trip to Baie Verte and had a lovely evening with the ladies there.

Before the class, I drove to La Scie to get some pictures.  Baie Verte is 2 1/2 hours away from where I live and add another 45 min one way to La Scie, it's a lot of driving  but have a look at what I saw....

Yep!  Icebergs! Almost right on my doorstep.  It was such a lovely day there, the sun was shining, a light breeze and about 20 degrees.  I took a little hike up the hill because on the other side of the bay was.....

These little lovelies!  More Icebergs!  They are quite a ways out in the water but I have a good camera and took some closeups!

Ta Da Closeup!!!

I haven't even unpacked from my class yet but thought I would let you know the winners of the Open House draws before I clean up my craft room.

I drew for  two Mystery Hostesses and the winners are

Colleen O'Leary - $25.00 (aka the Blog Hogger and I swear I didn't do the draw myself)

Pam Gale - $25.00

and Susan Young got one item at half price! 

The winner of the Big Shot or equivalent product is Wilhelmena Hardy!

Congratulations ladies!  I hope you enjoyed your little shopping spree!

I do have a card for you today.  It is one I did in a hurry for my Open House that I had forgotten about -

Here you go -

I used Summer Starfruit for the card base and some of the new DSP for the Pinwheel! See you can put these little pin wheels anywhere, even on a card lol!   I cut out some of the backing card board from the DSP pack and also a small bit of the same DSP for the HI! on the card.  I saw this card in the Stampin' Success magazine I get each month.  It is filled with great ideas and lovely artwork.

Now on to some more news!  I think why I am so breathless is because today is the day my husband retires from work.  He has worked for 40 years with Newfoundland Power and is finished today. 

 We have been talking about it for years and dreaming about it for months now but suddenly today when he got up for his last day I was unable to draw an even breath.  The two of us are shell shocked.  It's such a huge change for a man who has worked since he was 14.  And many of his weeks were 80 hour weeks in the worst kind of weather.

He has gone to the Caymans for Hurricane Ivan and worked in the Turks Caico Islands for another hurricane.  He has worked several ice storms here in Newfoundland and I can't tell you how many times he has been called out in the middle of the night for some emergency or because of high winds or a house fire. 

 I have the greatest admiration for my husband.  He has been, in his own way, a hero to many people in times of great need.  I don't know how he nor I will handle the togetherness and  learn to relax and not be on some kind of schedule, but I am sure over the next couple of months, we will learn.

well that's  it for today.  I have to run!  Breathless hugs!


  1. Congrats on your husband's retirement!!! How fun! and your pictures are gorgeous!!! How are you liking the new colors? I think Midnight Muse is my favorite!


  2. Thank you for you kind comments. The ice bergs are definately nicer in real life but pic's do help! I too love Midnight muse but am loving the Gumball Greem amd Raspberry ripple. Can't wait to use them for xmas lol