Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm going to be a Nana today!

Hi there everyone! 

Things are heating up in Ottawa.  My daughter is giving birth today at 11:00am.  She is scheduled for a C-Section today.

She had a doctor's appointment on Monday and the baby is over 9 lbs.  and they are concerned that she will have a problem delivering naturally.  For the last two days we have been trying to get on board with the idea.

She is quite upset about it as she really was fighting for a natural birth so the about face has been quite a shock.  The baby is fine but weighs approx 9 lbs and 6 oz as of Monday and right now she is not even having contractions so the doc's figure that if she goes late the baby will be over 10 lbs. 

So surgery tomorrow and a baby.  I am excited and scared for her.  Send your prayers our way please and wish for a good outcome. 

It's getting late so I will chat with you later friends.


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