Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to make a Plaid Background!

Good day Stampers!

The lovely Miss Emily is down for a nap so I have about an hour in the craft room.   I promised you a photo tutorial of a Plaid Background similar to the one on my Everybunny Easter Card and here you go!

Just a quick review of the card with the background!

This Plaid Background will work with any color or you could use two colors for multi-colored Plaid.

Here we have four items to work with, a  Brayer, Marina Mist ink, Stripes embossing folder and a piece of Whisper White card stock sized at 5" x 3 3/4"


Using the brayer and Marina Mist ink, roll the brayer over the embossing folder on the side with the Stampin' Up! logo.  Make sure you put lots of ink on the folder.

 Place your card stock on the opposite side of the embossing folder and make sure it is straight by following the lines.

Run the card stock through the Big Shot once.

This is what you will have when you open up the folder. 

Re-ink the folder, same side as the SU logo, and this time turn the card stock 45 degrees and once again place it on the opposite side of the folder.  Close up the folder and you will see this.

Run through the Big Shot and when you open up the folder you have a plaid background.   You may have noticed that the folder does not go the whole way down but not to worry, just punch the bottom or cut it off. 

If you look at my card you will see I cut some of the card stock off the bottom and then I punched it out to give it a decorative edge. 

To clean the ink off the embossing folder, all you have to do is rinse under the tap and dry with an old towel or some paper towel.

I hope these instructions make sense lol.  I've been known not to explain myself in a clear manner.  (well according to my hubby)! 

So most of my hour is up and I can hear stirring in the bedroom so bye for now!

Plaid and slightly crazy hugs!

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  1. What a terrific way to make your own plaid background. I love the way it looks in your card and am "itching" to try it myself now. Love the card, btw. I'm just beginning to use the Everybunny stamp set myself. Such fun!