Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting Ready!

Good day Stampers!

The title of my post is Getting Ready!  Ready for what you may ask, and surprise, surprise, I have an answer! Several in fact!

Tomorrow is our annual dash to book the park.  As most of my regular readers know ( I have complained posted this event for several years now!)  Yes our much anticipated (well by my DH anyway) race to book our camp site for the summer.

(on and this applies to my sister also, smile Colleen!)

Also tomorrow we will be bringing home the trailer so I am getting ready with my linens and what not to fill it up with.

I also have a video conference call on Thursday with the CEO of Stampin' Up! Canada.  I was chosen along with 150 demonstrators across Canada to be involved in a focus group.  I am pleased and honoured to be asked by Dale Hampshire but I am not sure if he knows just what he is getting when he asks me for my opinion lol.  (note to self  - try to keep lips shut until I have something sensible to say) 

And I have a class planned for Sunday here at the house.  I will be teaching a couple of techniques for Female Birthday and Mother's Day cards.  Yes it is that time of the year to honour our Mom's. 

Oh and I am tearing apart my craft room again trying to organize myself again.  This is an on going process but usually close to the new catalog I kick it up to a whole new level.

Tomorrow the Retiring Stamps and Accessories list will be made available, so I have to make room for the new products.

But that is enough blathering for now, on to the card.  Yeah I kinda got carried away with watching myself speak type.

Here you go -

Here is a pic of the technique I worked on last night.  Isn't it gojus?  I worked hard on this one, in fact I made quite a mess.  But, in my humble opinion it wouldn't be a technique class without a messy technique lol.
Well gotta run and get cleaned up (the room not me)  I can't have the CEO of Stampin' Up! Canada seeing me with my craft room in slings. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow's much anticipated, much dreaded, (depends on how many favorite Stamp sets I lose :O( Retired lists.
Ready for a vacation hugs!

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