Friday, April 19, 2013

Layering it on a little thick!

Hello Stampers!

Well yesterday was one of those days when

1,  I felt a little tired
2.  I felt a little blue
3.  I was cold
4.  I was unable to get any housework done or much creating.

Ok!  To address the first one - Restless legs!  For the last three weeks almost every night my legs do an imitation of a Mexican jumping bean until fricking 7:00am.  Not fun!

Number 2 - Missing Emily and Carrie - so what else is new!

Number 3 - We have hot water radiation and  DH had to dig up the pipe to replace it (more on that later in the post)  So no water = no heat!
Yes it is STILL cold out!
Number 4 - No heat, No water, tired, irritable = going to bed!  Seriously I went back to bed at around 10:00am and got up after lunch!
Here are a couple of pic's of our driveway yesterday morning -
Yes It is a really Big Hole!  How many men does it take to decide this?  I actually counted 10 at one time all standing around looking into the hole!  Too funny!

Oh Look, we have no driveway!  But by later in the evening we had a working driveway.  I think I will go out of town when DH gets the bill!  :O) 
 Hubby said while they were digging this out he had a smile plastered on his face. 
 The guys working asked him why he was smiling and he replied "Last year my wife tried to convince me to put down $9000.00 in asphalt!"  (Whew I just missed that bullet!)
I guess after all this complaining you are wondering if there is anything here to interest you, right?  Well after the lovely nap, heat and water were restored, the driveway filled in and Hubby purchased supper - so no cooking for me!  Good mood officially back and went to the craft room to have some  fun. 
Working with supplies on my desk, "Fabulous Florets" and Island Indigo and Gumball Green markers, I made a cute card for you.  Yippee!
Here you go!
I know, how gojus is this? 
I used Whisper White for my base and all the lovely layers.  I scored lines down the card stock about halfway down and used the bottom of the card stock for my stamping. 
 I stamped some swirls with "Everything Eleanor" in Gumball Green.  I then filled in with the large flower from "Fabulous Florets" in Stazon Black ink. 
I colored the flowers with my Island Indigo marker.  I went back after it had dried and added more ink with the same marker.  Doing that gave me a beautiful dark color in the centers.  I used the Gumball Green marker to do the centers of the flowers. 
Ok this is starting to look good right?  I  added a piece of Whisper white card stock to the center to cover the line between the scored part and the art part. 
 I used the markers to make a greeting and then I did another flower and some leaves on scrap white.  Colored them in and layered them with dimensionals.  I added a piece of ribbon to the back of the flower with mini glue dots. 
I'm loving it!

This card deserves two pic's!  This will give you a better look at the layers and the scoring. 
Well this was supposed to be the end of the post and I was just going to publish it but I got up this morning to SNOW!  Yech! 
Says it all!
Focused on the Flowers not the snow hugs!

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