Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm on a Losing Streak!

Good Day Inky Ones!

Today I am going to tell you a little story!  Last week I brought my car to the Falls along with a few things like groceries and more craft items.  On Friday I found a flat tire on the front of the car.  My baby was hurt!

DH blew up the tire (not literally silly) he used a machine lol!  It went down again and for some reason we couldn’t find the problem.  We used soapy water but to no avail.  So on Monday I drove my baby home to get fixed.  I put her in the garage for a couple of new tires because DH said the tread was worn down.  (I do a lot of driving around doing classes) 

Apparently I needed two new struts and a Wheel Alignment.  Holy crap on a cracker!  I need to book more classes and soon!  We were heading to the Falls on Tuesday and I decided to leave my car.  I had all my craft stuff there anyway  well  not really, I still brought a couple of more sets and some more acrylic blocks)  Got to the falls and unpacked the truck and it struck me – I had placed ALL of the card stock in the car for safe keeping from the wet weather.  OMG!  Not much to do about it until next week when we come home again.

Seriously, I am not meant to get ANYTHING done this year.  I might just as well be out of town.  I apologise for not posting but it’s been an uphill battle with the weather and now no card stock to work with.  Oh and to add insult to injury, the weather has cleared up and the sun is shining and I am totally Pissed.! 

But I do have a share for you today!  I promised to show you the inside of the card I made for Emily’s first Birthday when I got it finished,  so here you go –
Here is the inside of the card.  Cute right?

And here is a closer view of the inside.  Lots of work but lots of fun!

I made a couple of strips of Strawberry Slush card stock to the inside of the card.  I made two for the owls and one set a little back for the cupcake.  I used Patterned Party for the number one on the cupcake.  This stamp set is retired but I don’t think Emily will know the difference lol.

I had a lot of fun (hair pulling) making this card.  I took my time and added an interactive feature on the inside that I love.  I hope my daughter will love it also. 

Well, I will check the computer and see if I have some other cards you haven’t seen.  I am pretty sure there are a few things there!  Here’s hoping!

Hair pulling, sad face hugs!

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