Saturday, August 3, 2013

What a Great Tool!

Hi everyone,

It's the Blog Hogger here, singing the praises of a Stampin' Up tool! (No, really! I'm actually singing . . . and wondering why dogs are howling! lol)

I recently ordered a Stampin' Piercing Mat, not because I can use it for piercing (which I can), but because it is supposed to make stamping background images clearer. See, I have a lot of trouble using my beautiful background stamps because I can't get them to make really clear, sharp images on cardstock.

So I was really excited when Stampin' Up identified the Stampin' Pierce Mat (page 196 in the large catalog, #126199) as "Perfect for detailed or large stamps." Since it was only $5.50 (in the Canadian catalog), I figured it was worth trying.

And try it I did. Take a look:

This is the En Francais background stamp, stamped using Soft Suede ink on Very Vanilla cardstock. As you can see, the center is very spotty. I used one of the new stamp sets and it was well inked . . .  and I really pressed on the back of the stamp . . . and it was a wooden stamp so it was easy to press on it.

Now here's the same stamp, cardstock and ink, using the same amount of force when I pressed on the stamp:

The only difference is that I used the Stampin' Pierce Mat under the cardstock! Big difference, huh?

Check out the Pleasant Poppies stamp:

This is a clear stamp and the coverage was even worse without the Stampin' Pierce Mat. So frustrating!

And this is with the Stampin' Pierce Mat!!! (Let's face it. It's definitely worthy of three exclamation points!!! lol)

So, there you have it, folks! If you have problems getting good coverage with your larger stamps, the Stampin' Pierce Mat will revolutionize your life! (Okay, maybe not your life, but it will improve your stamping! lol)

Clearly improved hugs,
Colleen, aka the Blog Hogger


  1. What a wonderful suggestion! Guess I had known this but promptly forgot about it. Better dig mine out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Bette,

    So glad I could help!

    The Blog Hogger