Friday, September 13, 2013

It's September and Time for my Class List!

Good Day Inky ones!

I have been home for several days now and while the trailer is put into storage for the winter the mess lingers.   I have been unable to get into my craft room because of this.  Every single cupboard in this woman's kitchen had to be gone through to make room for all the crap umm food that came out of three months of summer at the trailer.

Okay now for the dodgy part - Emily!  I have been trying to dodge this little land mine since Monday.  Yep she is here to stay!  (Well only for a little while) :O(  But it does add an extra dimension to my day to day cleaning, I clean she un-cleans.  (is that a word?)

 Add to that a daughter who wrenched her neck, my wonky back, our vehicle lost it's brakes and the new vehicle, a brand new shiny mini van for moi, had to be put in the garage today for some undercoater.  Groceries had to be purchased and once again put away,  Oh did I mention the fridge?  Not good!!!  And yes I did say groceries, all fresh fruit and veggies and milk etc.  So I have carved some time tonight to say hi to all the loyal few of you who have been checking back and sighing in despair waiting for a new project!

To say I am sorry, well I have been doing that for three months now, but no more, I am moving forward, over, around and under all life's little obstacles.  (Remember Emily?)

I will be posting on my business website over the next couple of days, the new classes for Sept, hopefully October and November.  You can find the information here at

On to some business information - Stampin' Up! has up dated the Clearance Rack and filled it up with all new and wonderful products at discontinued prices.  You can shop on line 24/7 at my business website  Just head for my SHOP NOW button and have some fun.

Ok my share for today is a gift certificate holder.  One of my stampers recently had a birthday and her sister needed a gift for her.  Stampin' Up! to the rescue!

Now on to my share -

What can you do with our Vellum Card stock and Washi Tape?  Well, here's what I did -

I took a full piece of Vellum Card Stock and cut it at 4 1/4".  I scored it at 5 1/2".  I foled it the same as a card.  I then used the Gingham garden Washi tape to hold the sides together and make a pocket.  I then scored the top at about 1" and folded it down.
I punched a couple of holes in the top, added my gift certificate to the pocket and then tied some Primrose Petals stitched ribbon.  I then stamped the little tag with Chalk Talk.  I stamped in Primrose Petals ink and added a couple of Rhinestones.  Cool!  
Here's a closer picture of the holder.  Did  this post give you ideas and posibilities on how to use Washi Tape?  Did I help you today?  Please leave me a message or a comment!
Well have to run I have a class on Sunday and really have to get some work done.  Ankle Biter is in bed for a nap and I have a wonderful window here lol.
Not Wishy Washi hugs!

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