Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Crazy Thanksgiving!

Hello there Stampers!

I hope your holiday was a wonderful one!  Here at my house it was a crazy day!  I had 10 family and friends over for dinner.

Hubby bought a 22 lb. turkey for this meal.  The silly thing was so big I needed a crane.  I think he has been watching too many episodes of the Waltons. lol.

So to make sure I got this bird done for dinner I put it in the oven on time bake, set to go on at 5:00am and off at 11:00 am.  I got up at 7:00 am to make sure I had set the oven correctly as I am so off these days, what with the meds for pain and what not :O)

Anyhoo, I peeled all the veggies the evening before and things are on schedule for 1:30pm lunch.  What could go wrong?  Well, remember the oven set to go off at 11:00am?  I turned up the oven at the right time to make sure my turkey was done but forgot the oven was on time bake.  Yep, the oven went off and the monster bird was not done at 1:30 as expected.  So I had a little cry and pity party for myself. 

My daughter and my sister cheered me up and said they would eat the veggies first and the rest of the meal later when it was done.  My hubby decided to go for chicken at Mary Browns' and my MIL wouldn't eat this chicken so she went to the grocery store to purchase another chicken.  Oh and I forgot to mention my daughter had an organic chicken cooked for her and the baby.

I started to laugh when I realized what we had in the house for dinner

1:  35.00 organic chicken
2:  Three boxes of Mary Brown's chicken
3:  My MIL's BBQ chicken which turned out to be chicken fingers hahaha
4:  A 22 lb turkey

WHICH WAS COOKED by the time everyone finally sat down to dinner.  It was a hoot I can tell you.  Oh and I burned the gravy and broke a glass.

I was kicked out of the kitchen for good and if I hadn't been taking so much pain meds I would have started to drink. lol.

But to make a very long story not so short I did get some decorations done for my dinner.  These turned out lovely.

Have a look -

I used the Tablescape Kit from SU of course.  I made a couple of Pumpkins from my new Gift Bow die and Gorgeous Grunge. 

This was the place setting.  Colleen took the pictures, thank you Colleen. 

This was the table.  Every one loved their table setting and when dinner was over we filled in the paper with what we were thankful for. 

Colleen's daughter Sarah surprised her mom by arriving in Stephenville with boyfriend Andrew in tow.  Andrew's Thankful for paper is a hoot.  I will share that with  you tomorrow.

What am I thankful for?  I am thankful for my crazy insane family!
Crazy but thankful hugs!

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