Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Few More!

Hey there everyone!

Some days are good and some days not so good.  Today is a good day,  my back feels good and I am moving and getting a bit of housework done.

I haven't stepped foot outside since I had surgery but I am getting used to being home.  Now that I am not quite so crippled and am trying to do my share of housework (nothing with lifting or bending lol) I am not quite so bored.

Anyway I have several more cards to show you that have arrived over the last couple of weeks.  I am so grateful that you haven't forgotten me and that I have so many family and friends.

So with that in mind have a look at a few more cards -

This creative card comes from Pam Coles.  Love the Bandaid!   Nice colors combo too !  I am thankfully finished with that for now lol.  Great job Pam!

This Monochromatic card comes from Lynnette Taylor.  The soft green and White works really well.  Love the use of the Square framelits and the punches. Thank you Lynnette!

This Cherryful card comes from Pam Coles who I am proud to say is one of my Demonstrators.  As you can see she is good at what she does.   Thanks Pam and of BTW I enjoyed your visit.  Drop by anytime and feel free to bring back what you borrowed hahaha!

This beauty comes from Wilhemena Hardy who lives in St,. John's now after moving from her cosy home in Stephenville.  She is missed a lot by all her friends.  I love the Pool Party and Basic Black together and though the picture doesn't show it  there is embossing and pearls on this one.  Pearls and Pool Party are her favorite things.  Thank you Wilhelmena!

Now some of my family and friends do not do Stampin' Up! but I still appreciate all the lovely sentiments expressed in these cards.  My sister in Law has sent me 9 cards and a LONG and wonderful letter letting me know that she is thinking of me.

So this is one of the main reasons why I am having a good day.  How can you be unhappy when you look at these? 

So another day and another post!

Standing up Straight with a Smile Hugs!


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  1. Kathy, you got us two Pam's mixed up again......the cherryful card must be from Pam Gale, it's not Pam Coles....LOL!