Monday, September 29, 2014

Upgraded Get Well Card

Hi there, everybody!

It's the Blog Hogger here, wanting to show you the "Get Well" card Katherine made for me.

As she noted in her previous post, she visited me on Sunday and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with her...until I saw her comment, "She has been stuck in the house for two months and I guess she was so bored with her own company, mine just seemed sparklier.  It is so much easier to entertain the house bound.  They are like puppies and so easy to please haha!" While I added the italics, I mean really? I'm like a puppy!? What? (Truthfully, I found her comment hilariously funny, but don't tell her, okay?)

As she noted, she brought me cupcakes and, if you've ever been to one of her functions, you know her cupcakes are the best ever! Well, they were the best. Now they are all gone! lol 

The "Get Well" card she made me is so cute and was one she had done in one of her classes, with a special upgrade. Take a look and see what you think:

With the simple addition of a layer of vellum, some coloring, and a candy dot and twine to "hang" the "picture" she turned a nice card into a "WOW" card!

I love it...and her...and her sense of humor!

Loving and humorous hugs,

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