Monday, October 27, 2014

Cards with a Child!

Hey there, everyone!

It's the Blog Hogger here. Yesterday I invited one of the neighbor children to make cards with me. Olivia is nine years old (almost ten tho' as she was quick to point ou) and has seen the many "toys" I have here for making cards. Last week we chatted about making some birthday cards for her friends . . . and I quickly realized I had opened Pandora's box!  :)

Olivia had very definite ideas on what she wanted to make for each friend . . . VERY definite ideas! lol So, yesterday we got together for a while and I absolutely had a blast with her! Her ideas were awesome and she was quick to identify new ways to use some of my product. Ah, to be young and able to quickly think outside the box!  :)  She is definitely a natural at making cards and I'm already looking forward to our next session.

I told her I was going to post her cards on Katherine's blog and she was really excited about it!

Anyway, here's one of the two cards we made:

This was one of the cards she had envisioned even before we started. I had made a Pikachu  (Pokemon) card for her brother's birthday and she wanted to make a "minion" card for her friend. I proudly showed her the one I had made (, but she wanted the minion to use up the whole card front, like I had done for the Pikachu one.

We googled it and found this one on We stayed true to the original and Olivia came up with the idea of punching out a 1 1/4" circle to help her draw the mouth. I got elected to do the hair! lol

Her second card was a more traditional cupcake card:

We used the Create a Cupcake stamp set, along with the corresponding Build a Cupcake punch. This one was very much her design, and I really liked her idea of putting candles along the edges. Luckily her friend is turning ten so it made for a nice even number of candles. The candles were made from some scrap Designer Paper. When Olivia saw the pattern on each side, she quickly decided to alternate the side used for each candle.

So, there you have it! Two pretty cards and one fun afternoon!  :)

Childlike hugs,

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