Saturday, February 28, 2015

Neat Recycling Idea

Hello, all you people with ink on your fingers and creativity in your hearts!

Today I want to show you a Christmas card. I know, I know! It's way past the holiday season but a friend of mine showed me the cards she is sending next Christmas. Seriously, she has 51 cards made for NEXT year?! Are you kidding me?! (I actually admire her and am jealous...all at the same time. LOL)

Turns out that the week she takes off work at Christmas time is when she makes her cards for the following Christmas. My friends know I'm obsessive about getting things done on time, but I can't ever see me being that proactive! LOL

And now on to the card and the recycling idea. Even tho' it's a Christmas card, it gives you an idea of how you can reuse the strangest most interesting things and, as we all know, that's good for the environment and an idea you can use any time of the year.  :)

Here's the card:

She inked up a medium sized block and applied it to Whisper White cardstock to make the background. She used the Tree Punch and Cadbury Cookies and Hersey's Kisses wrappers to make the trees! I love the idea of using something that would be normally end up in the garbage. It's a great idea, especially since she had to eat a ton of yummies in order to get the wrappers! Sweet . . . literally! LOL

(Disclaimer: Liz told me the name of the cookies but I was so interested in the card that I really didn't listen well. So the gold trees could be from some other kind of cookies. LOL)

The red tree uses a Hersey's Kiss wrapper. She punched that tree out of the cardstock and taped the wrapper on the inside of the card. The gold trees were from the Cadbury Cookies wrappers. Those were punched out and glued directly on the cardstock.

You can also use the Petite Pendants Builder Punch to get the same tree effect.

Stay tuned to see some cards from another guest stamper.

Sweet recycled hugs,

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