Monday, June 22, 2015

Paper Pumpkin is Awesome!!!

Hi everyone!

It's the Blog Hogger here, aka Colleen, aka Katherine's sister, aka the slightly demented one! lol

I just have to share with you Katherine's birthday gift to me because I'm all shivery in my boots and my heart is welling over with sisterly love! Yup, I'm excited!

My birthday is next month, so you can imagine my surprise when a Paper Pumpkin box arrived at my door. After all, it's still June for heavens sake! No one would be expecting a birthday gift more than a month early!

My sneaky (and when I say sneaky, I mean super awesome) sister bought me a few months of Paper Pumpkin as a birthday gift. Isn't she is the very bestest sister in the whole world? (Truthfully, I really don't know because there's an awful lot of sisters in the world, but I'm sure she ranks up there with the best! lol)

Check out my goodies!

Here's a shot of the box with the instruction card visible. I can make four cards of two different designs, for a total of eight cards.

This shot shows some of the goodies including stamps, a Stampin' Spot and a clear block. What?! I wasn't expecting THAT! So, I get to make eight cards and still have things I can use on other projects? I'm liking it! lol

Here's a picture of all the fun stuff for making the first four cards. There's envelopes. envelope inserts (to make them all colorful), the scored and folded Whisper White card bases, as well as pre-cut wooden triangles, etc.

The last pic shows all the elements for the other four cards and envelopes.

Yup, this is a wonderful gift idea! Speaking from very happy experience, if I didn't have any stamp materials and/or had no experience with making cards, I could still make awesome cards because there is literally every single thing a person would need to make those eight cards in the box.

I know that some months come with other projects besides cards, and you never know in advance what will be in the box. That definitely amps up the surprise and excitement level! I also know I can opt out of a month or months or even cancel at any time.

As for me, I definitely won't be cancelling it until Kathy's gift is completed! lol And after that? Who knows! :)

Excited hugs,


  1. So glad u like it! And it looks like a super cute one too! Don't forget to post the completed projects please and Happy early B-day!

  2. I will definitely post the completed cards. I'm tail-wagging happy! lol