Saturday, November 28, 2015

Yellow Sparkles and Princesses!

Hi, everybody!

It's the Blog Hogger with a card and a story to share with you!

I have a sweet six-year-old first cousin twice removed who loves the colour yellow, sparkles and glitter, and princesses, along with other interests! Now, the most surprising part of that sentence is probably that I understood how the "twice removed" part of the cousin tree works! lol  (Her grandmother and I are first cousins. Her mother and my daughters are second cousins. Their children would be third cousins. However, her and I are first cousins twice removed from the original cousin connection [her grandmother and me]. Clear? No? lol)

Anyway, I sat here one day and tried to figure out how to make her a card that reflected her personality. Obviously, I would use yellow cardstock. Glitter and sparkles would also be easy to incorporate. Princesses, princesses.... How would I do a princess?

After perusing Pinterest for WAY too long, I decided to make a pretty princess dress for the front of the card! (As opposed to making an ugly princess dress? lol)

So I cut and punched and glittered-up (yes, that's a word . . . in my world) a beautiful card! And I was proud of it! In fact, I was so proud of it, that I cornered my husband and flourished it in his face, saying, "Isn't it gorgeous?"

And my adorable husband said . . . and I quote . . . "What is it?" And then he said, "I don't get it? Is it some type of bug?"

BUG? BUG? Are you freaking KIDDING me?

Here's the card. See what you think!

Can't you readily see that it's a princess' dress? Well, maybe it looks a little teeny tiny bit like a bug . . . or something not particularly princess-like.

See, once he put that idea in my head, it wormed around and had me doubting myself. But what was I going to do to fix the problem? I could start all over again from scratch . . . but THAT wasn't going to happen. No, sirree! I was going to just tweak that card and make it perfect! More perfect than it already was! Of course, since I'd thought the card was finished, everything was already glued down so it was going to be a bit of a challenge . . . but I could DO IT!!!

So, I punched and cut and punched and cut some more! I sweated and thought and agonized and fiddled and said a few not-very-nice words and voila! With very little effort (lol) I had a card that was SOOOO much better that the original!

What do you think?

From the top of her curly hair to the bottom of her glittery shoes, she screams princess! She's even wearing princess-y gloves and has a sparkly headband (that could be seen as a tiara)!

I'm much happier with the card now and have learned a very important lesson: Don't ask my husband his opinion about cards I make! lol

Truthfully, I'm glad I asked his opinion and readily see the irony of him giving me advice on princess cards. [If you knew my husband, you'd appreciate the irony also. :)]

Although it was a lot of extra work to get this card to the end product, the hardest part was seeing the sparkle of delight in my husband's eyes when I showed him the final product, a sparkle that was accompanied by a chuckle and a knowing look. Yes, he was right, folks, and he knew it! lol

Superior hugs,

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