Monday, February 28, 2011

A question of size!

Hello there everyone.  Well it is another Monday and time for a little post from moi!  Last week my sister, The talented Colleen, received her new goodies from SU!.  Needless to say she was busy creating cards and playing with all the new stuff!  On Saturday she sent me a pic of a card that she had created using her new mat pack.  I studied it and while I liked the elements and colors she had chosen something was off.  I studied it a bit and being the concerned and helpful older sister I made a few suggestions.  Here is the first pic of her card.
 As you can see her flower is lovely and of course she added some shimmer mist (cause I had a video on how to make it and she wanted to see if it would work lol)  But if you look at it the card has no wow factor and the scale is off.  She even mentioned that she was not quite happy with it so it wasn't just me being critical (Whew)  I told her that The brad is too small for the size of the flower.  So I suggested a couple of fixes - a middle cut out and made to look like stamens of a flower so she had a better focal point or something larger in the middle.  Fortunately she had purchased the new Antique Brads.  Here is the pic of the adjusted flower. 
As you can see it made a world of difference.  Colleen does not add a greeting until she is ready to send the card but I mentioned (see how helpful I can be?)  that a banner greeting might just be the ticket.  So that's it for today sometimes just looking at the scale of the focal image and using the correct size element can make a HUGE difference.

 Oh and BTW I just found the cord for my Video Camera so hopefully I will be able to get a video done for you this week.  Please leave a comment if you have something you would like to see me explain. So Scaled up hugs for all of you and chat with you tomorrow. 

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  1. Let's see! How does it go? Oh yes, Kathy is always right, Kathy is always right! hahahaha

    Thanks for the help, sis. I'm a lot happier with the card now.