Monday, April 11, 2011

Bridal Shower

Good day everyone!  Well yesterday was my DD Bridal Shower!  It went really well with lots of great food and decorations and even better company.  Everyone who came was in such a fun mood.  We laughed so much today my face hurts.  I didn't have any scheduled games to play but decided to use everyone's experiences at their own weddings and get them to talk about it.  I asked three questions and had them answer them.  For instance "What was the date of your wedding?  Did anything embarrassing happen on your honeymoon?  What is your advice for Carrie?  or  What were your wedding colors,  favorite moment etc."  We heard some really off the wall answers and some of the advice was really touching and timely. 

Carrie and I made all the wedding decorations for the walls and I bet you won't guess what we used...  Darn you're right all Stampin' Up!!!  Here are the pic's.-

Living room wall covered in pretty flowers and polka dots.  Love it!
 We cut out the circles using a couple of plates from the Kitchen in Real Red and Basic Black.   We cut out the flowers using the Big shot and one inch punch and the bigz clear die Flower 114534 page 207. 
 We hung some of the flowers on ribbon and put them on the archway to the dining room.
 Dining room
 All the chocolate roses and daisies were hand molded petal by petal.  We stayed up until 1:00am Saturday night to get these done.  We were so tired we got really silly.  I have not laughed so much in years. 
 We had Chocolate butter cupcakes, lemon butter and White Velvet ones.  (I made the bees and daisies and Carrie made all the Calla lilies and the roses.  Some of the bees are a little warped  (just like me)
Well that's it for today Tomorrow I will be having a Guest Stamper!  See you all tomorrow, Sweet cupcake hugs!

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