Friday, April 8, 2011

Number Two

Good Friday afternoon everyone!  Well I am rushing to get this pic out to you today cause I am running behind.  Trying to get a Bridal shower on the go and trying to do 80 wedding invites at the same time.  Also the house work and meals.  I officially am off holidays I can tell you. 

Today's card is number two stamp out of the Four Frames stamp set that I just received .  I am in love with this set and I can see so many ways to use it.  Also the paper.  I  just have a pic for you today but I will try to post on Monday and give you the dimensions and also the instructions.  Hope you will forgive me but right now is such a busy time.  (I'm even hyperventilating)  I don't even have time to try to be funny for goodness sake. 

Here it is in all it's glory.

Well that's it for me today so I will head back to the craft room and try to get another 10  invites done before His Highness comes home looking for supper.  Paisley Petal hugs!

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