Monday, June 6, 2011

The Big Shot and Decor elements ROCK!!!

OMG!!!  I am so totally stoked!  Just wait until you see what I did this weekend.  I have done something so totally (I know I just used that word again lol) awesome that I can't sleep and I just had to show someone.  Hubby got called out to work and I have the house to myself and it's late but that's ok...I'm sleepless in Newfoundland.  hahaha

Ok I guess by now you are wondering what I am so excited about right?  Here is what I did for my DD's upcoming wedding.  She is having a candy buffet and wanted some glass containers done with words so with the help of Ms. Big Shot and the Decor Elements Vinyl sheets I was able to do something quite wonderful.  (Picture me sitting here grinning from ear to ear)  YILM!  Up to now you have been hearing about it but no show right?  Well the grand unveiling is NOW!!!!

 These are the bowls and containers decorated.  Don't you just love them?
 Front picture
 Side view
 This looks so good IRL.  It looks like a bouquet of flowers. 
 Decor Elements work well with our punches and this is so damn cute I could eat it without the candy in it!
 closeup of the details.
 I cherish the fact that I am able to do this for her!  She hasn't see these yet but I just know that she will love them as much as I do!
 Side detail.
 But mom I only had ONE drink hahaha
 Too cute for words (but I found them anyway :O)
 Side detail
 It didn't take me Forever to finish this
 Side detail
This is a labour of love.  DD has two more bowls and one more Martini Glass in Ottawa and when she comes home in Aug I will finish this little project but for now I am loving myself.  Thank goodness Stampin' Up! found me cause right now I am so pleased to have the advantage of their quality products to do this for her.  I just wish when my son got married 6 years ago I was with Stampin' Up! but there it is.  Wonder what they will look like with candy in them.  hmmm I think candy will spoil the look don't you?

Really have to head for bed now.  It's really late and I have an early rise in the morning.  Enjoy your day ladies and Don't forget to be a Big Shot!.    Late night hugs!

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