Monday, June 13, 2011

A challenge from a friend!

Welcome to Mondays post stampers!  It's a beautiful day here in Newfoundland.  Still cool but hey it's Newfoundland, we expect it to only get really warm for two or three days in August. lol.  My DH got my Jack and Jill bench done over the weekend - now if I can just find time to sit and read and enjoy the sunshine on my veranda!  I may take some time after this post to have lunch and a coffee and soak up some rays.

Today's card came from one of my stampers in Stephenville - Lisa Payne.  Lisa made a father's day card and sent me a picture.  She was using one of the stamps she already had and since it wasn't Stampin' Up! I decided to rise to the challenge and case (copy and share everything) her card and turn it into a Stampin' Up! version.  The rest of the card is "Legal" but the image is from another company.  So here is her card - and here is mine!


As you can see I had to turn the card another way to accommodate my stamp from "Uncharted Territory".  I used sponging and masking and a ton of colors to get the depth of color that Lisa used.  Lisa's stamp is more detailed with the land and light house but I am very pleased with my version also.  I have to say I love the sponging on Lisa's card.  Great job Lisa!  You must have a good teacher! 

I just wanted to mention that I only have two days left to wait before I see the new catalog!.  I am so excited to be getting my sneak peeks in the same order.  So after Wednesday you will probably see some cards done with the new in colors and the new sets I ordered.  You're gonna love them I just know it.!!

Well that's it for today ladies, thanks for joining me!  Sunset hugs!

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  1. LOL Kathy! My card was a CASE of one that you had posted a couple weeks ago! The stamp was a souvenir from Maine and is the Portland Head Lighthouse. I've struggled to use it and decided that the masked sunset would be great. I've also had trouble with using a sentiment since the stamp is fairly large, so the vellum came in very handy! Glad you liked it - my mom did!