Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm BAAACK !!!

Good day everyone!  Well I am back and rested from a lovely long weekend.  I spent the time relaxing with my Hubby and reading and watching tv and just lazing around.  Got home late this evening and don't have a thing to share at this time. lol.   But my talented sister sent me something to save me this time. lol.

I spent yesterday in the hospital with MIL and had to look after her last night as she was a little groggy from the procedure.  Good news everything is fine!  We are so relieved.  Also I forgot my camera at the camper and my lap top is there also so no way to take pic's.

Over the next two months my posts will be very sporadic and for this I apologize but I have a hubby that salmon fishes ( see Big Falls previous post) so poopie caw caw that is all I can do about it. lol

So here is the Sympathy card she did for a friend.  She got the inspiration from Michelle Zindorff's blog.  Here is the link - butterfly tutorial

She used a discontinued set called God's Beauty and another stamp set called Always.  She also used her new mat Pack and a couple of brads.  Great job Colleen.  I love the colors.  She also told me that the butterfly has clear embossing on it to make it shiny. 
So thanks for sharing this time with me - (oh crap now I sound like Mr. Rogers)  Flighty hugs!

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