Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did Ya Miss Me?

Good Morning Stampers!  Well did ya?  Miss me I mean?  Oh the conceit of myself!  Well if you didn't miss me I certainly missed you.  Camping is fun but the stress of not being home this summer is quite frankly distressing both myself and my daughter Carrie.  If you have been following my blog you will realize that her wedding is getting really close and of course emotional disasters are lurking everywhere.  I remember being a bride myself but really I was perfect - no nerves or emotional outburst or tears - no not me!  (it's sometimes very convenient to get older, your memory can take vacations!)

I have a couple of things to show you today.  My husband Rick is a bit of a cut up on times but not too great doing the household chores.  From the Old School don't you know!  Watches the Waltons and figures that women have to do housework.  Well I drove into Corner Brook one day and left a mess in the camper because I was time crunched and well I figured on doing it when I got home.  The camper was cleaned up when I got back and I thanked him for helping out.  When we came home for good I downloaded my photos and guess what was on there?  I'll show you -
 To his credit he did cook supper.  We call it Jiggs Dinner, a full morning to cook, 20 minutes to eat and the rest of the day to clean up.  This is Salt Beef, potato, cabbage/turnip greens, turnip and carrot.  Usually we add a roast of beef or a chicken.  This day was chicken.  This is a great meal when the weather is rainy or cold (which it was on that particular day)
 Ok this one was definitely staged.  If you look closely you can see the silly thing is not even plugged in.  You're not fooling me mister.!!
 The afore mentioned chicken!

These next photos are of the park that we camp in.  You can go to the Falls and watch the salmon jump the falls to get to their spawning grounds.  A really amazing sight.  If you click on the photo you can actually see a salmon jumping.

A closer look at a fish (I just know you are really excited to be seeing this)
A look up river where the salmon aspire to be!  No I am not sitting in the middle of the river taking this pic I am just a really creative photographer.  (actually there is a rock ledge where people go to watch the salmon and I just turned the camera )  But its a cool look don't you think?

My DD is such a lucky lady.  She had another brainstorm while I was gone and decided she needed numbers for her tables.  All she has to do is tell me what she wants and I make it happen.  Voila!  I actually purchased the DSP on the Clearance rack recently with the idea of scrapbooking her wedding but this is going to work also.  The DSP is called Night and Day and is still available here
So out to the store I go and purchase 12 photo frames.  I removed the glass and added the DSP cut to 5" x 7".  I don't throw out much and because the glass was removed I needed some kind of backing for the DSP.  I save the cardboard that comes with the packages of Designer Paper because I can find all sorts of uses for it.  I had some Glitter paper that I purchased in Feb (going to use it for Christmas projects) and also had some Chipboard numbers.  Putting them together gave me her table numbers.  How cool is this?  YILM!

 Just a few done, still a work in progress.  And yes the numbers are actually supposed to be on crooked - a little whimsy was what I was aiming for.

 A close up of the DSP and chipboard number done with the glitter paper.

A side view of the number and DSP.  What do you think!  Did I hit the mark?  I hope she appreciates me is all I'm gonna say.!

Well Inky People that's it for today.  Sorry for the looong post but it's been awhile and I needed to talk to someone.  If you read all this post and don't skim down for just the pic's THANK YOU!  Framed hugs!

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