Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Good Day!

Good Day Inky People!  It's Katherine not my incredible sister,  who has jumped into the fray and helped me out by doing a couple of posts.  She is right though my sanity is at risk but hopefully with the kindness of family and stampers I will persevere.   Thank you so much Colleen for your input on the blog.  The cards are lovely and  I am so appreciative. 

I had a good day yesterday.  Got a couple of more must do's done for the wedding and am down to two projects both of which are last min. - church programs and a seating chart for the reception.  Couldn't be done before so am in the process now.  I had visits from a couple of stampers and friends, which is why it was such a good day.  I had lost sight of spending time with friends and just slowing down so yesterday was a blessing indeed.  A long lost stamper dropped in yesterday!  I haven't seen her for over a year.  So nice to have you back Sandra!  Don't be a stranger.  Also one of my stampers came in from Baie Verte to pick up some catalogs for my fabulous stampers  and gave me a really cute, creative and useful gift.  Want to see?

 It's a hand sewn garbage bag that hangs on your desk for all those pesky pieces of paper.  There is sand  in the top piece and it sticks to the top of the desk using that rubber protector that you put into your cupboards to keep things in place.  Thank you to Tammy and the girls.  I love it! 

Then a lovely lady who I met this spring at a craft show offered to do some jewellery to match my dress for the wedding, came in with the piece she designed for me.  It is perfect and I love it!  Thank you to Janet Mews!  I enjoyed our visit and you do lovely work.
In my e-mail this week was a scrapbook page designed by Susan Young another one of my Inky People.  It's a picture of her first grandchild.  Meet Anna!   Her Nannie's pride and joy.  Susan told me she used the cards from the shower to make this layout.  Susan is really into quilting right now but I can see some big shot action here also.  Oh and a really cute baby lol.

 Susan also sent me some other pic's awhile ago using the Faux Cloisonne Technique she learned from one of the classes I did.  I love the fact that Faux Cloisonne recycles old magazines and re purposes them into something beautiful.  The colors are beautiful looks almost like she shaded the flower.  She used the Stamp set Fifth Ave Floral.

 Now I know that this has been a really LONG post but so much to say - Here is the project I just finished yesterday.  It's a picture of the sign for the Candy Station and the labels are off to the right.  I don't have them finished yet because we don't know what candy will be purchased yet.  The paper shoes will be going into the bathroom where my DD has a basket of Flip Flops for the ladies with sore feet.  There is also another sign that says " Kick off your heels and dance the night away!"  Cute huh?  I am having way too much fun with this.  I love little kistchy things and of course enjoy even more showing off and yes that is what I am doing.  YILM!
 A close of of the paper high heels.  I found this template on the net somewhere but don't have the information and can't give credit but I"m sure if you google shoe template you can find something like it.  Have fun with it I know I am. 
So that's it for today Thank you again for all your contributions, Colleen, Tammy, Susan, and Janet.  I have to go I have company coming this afternoon, one of my downline whom I have never met before is coming for a visit.  She is from Labrador and is a brand new mom and demonstrator.  Looking forward to seeing her.  High Kicking hugs!

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