Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trying to get back to Sanity

I have been searching google maps lately looking for Sanity!  Apparently there is a business in Calgary called Sanity Savers!  Must call them soon.  lol. 

Well the Wedding is officially over and to say it went well would be an understatement.  Of course there were some glitches.  It wouldn't be my daughter's wedding with out them.  She was late for her own wedding but we are blaming the photographer and the car she rented, of course broke down at the church.  It was a vintage car so I guess that's to be expected. The owner got it running again but when they were out taking photos around town it broke down again.   But over all it was a success. 

The venue was amazing.  The view from the deck was stunning and because of this she opted for minimal decorations.  Just chair covers.  Everything else was provided by little ole me.  Lots of work as I'm sure I mentioned in my numerous posts.  But I loved seeing my vision come to life.  My daughter looked beautiful and happy.  The guests were impressed with our different touches and the meal was the best I ever had at a wedding.  So a roaring success. 

Here are a few pic's of the decorations at the venue. 

 This was the gift table. 
 This was the seating chart, all SU except for pics at top.
 This table was in the ladies washroom.  The ladies were so wowed by the display.  (The shoes disappeared shortly after the pic was taken) lol
 The candy station just after it was attacked.  The jars were filled to the top but before we could get a picture vultures attacked.  The tags in front were done my sister in law Gloria who has a lovely hand for caligraphy.  I of course made the tags she used. lol  I love the words on the jars, it made it look just that much better (if I do say so myself)
 The cupcake stand.  My daughter in law, Marie and I spent two hours decorating this puppy.  SU ribbon but everything else is not.  It looked so luscious.
 I find it so funny that out of twelve tables with numbers on it, my sister, Colleen takes a pic of the number 8 table.  This particular photo frame was a blog post not so long ago.  Everyone commented on the table numbers and I heard one guest comment that when she heard what colors were being used IE: black and white she thought it would be gloomy but because so many textures and patterns were used it turned out beautiful and elegant.  Just what we were aiming for.  Whew!
 The head table.  The vases with the bio beads in them were for the bouquets.  Notice the smaller candle holders?  SU ribbon!  I love that stuff....

And finally a view of part of the room.  We used one vase filled with bio beads on each table and inserted waterproof led lights and one Gerbera Daisy (red) and some greenery in them. The bio beads picked up the sunlight and shot off shards of light.   Because the room was so bright you couldn't see the lights in the vases but as the sun went down and the room darkened it was like the vases turned on magically.  All in all both Carrie and I were very pleased with the result.  After I see the professional photographs I may post a few more.  I hope you don't mind but I am so proud to have been a part of helping make her vision come to life.

Right now I don't have any other pic's to show you but we are hosting a Meet and Greet on Thursday and I will have a slide show of photos to choose from.  Oh and there may be a couple of me.  I actually looked quite good in a couple of pics.  hahaha.

After a few more wedding pic's I will be back to work and posting classes and cards.  Patience my friends it's almost over and we can reclaim this blog for SU.  Proud hugs!

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  1. Kathy...........I think you did an amazing job on the decorations for your daughter's wedding. So glad she (and you) were pleased with the result. Beautiful (and she was beautiful too).

    Glenys Attwood