Friday, November 4, 2011


Hi everyone,

This is Colleen, Kathy's sister, aka the "Blog Hogger"!  lol

Hmmmm, I just read Kathy's latest blog entry.  I want to clarify that I don't read her blog from "time to time".  I read all . . . and I mean every little word of every single blog entry . . . of my dear sister's blog!  lol  (Actually, I'm probably her biggest fan!)

Also, did you get a tiny inkling of the stress I'm under to create the most perfect Christmas card in the whole world for my adorable sister?  I'm just saying that making a card for a sister as talented as Kathy is crazy difficult!  It needs to be unique . . . an original!  It needs to have bling . . . lots and lots of bling!  It needs to showcase a technique!  It needs layers, and coloring, and . . .

Oh heck, I just talked myself out of making a card for her.  Guess I'll just buy one from the dollar store instead!  (Like I could do that!  lol)

(Oh, Kathy, giving me access to your blog was probably not a smart move!  lol)

Card-making hugs,

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