Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Cards from Friends and a Huge Announcement!

Good Day Stampers!

It's Saturday January 7th and Christmas is officially over for another year.  I had loads of fun but am so ready to move on.  But before I do I have to give a shout out to all my peeps that sent me an Xmas Card this year.  I do however promise that these will be the last Christmas Cards I show you until next Xmas lol.

I also have a life changing announcement to make.  This will be towards the end of the post but if you can't wait that long then just scroll down to have a look. :O) (I can see you all scrolling down as fast as your little fingers can move to have a look! hahaha I know I would!)

Here we go:

Tryphena Gabriel Walsh

Debbie Chaulk

Donna Wells

Lisa Payne

Tanya Record Philpott

Sharon O'Bryan

Christine Simms

Kellie Handregan

Tracey Greening

Ada Ford

OK! Now for the ANNOUNCEMENT!   


 That's right I'm gonna be a Nana for the very first time.  What?   Did you think I was preggers at the ripe old age of 58?  Nope, it's my DD that just got married this August past.  She announced it on Christmas Day to the Family but I just wanted to wait to make sure that everything was good and she was alright with me blogging it here.  She is about 2 1/2 months along and doing fine except for some nausea and being really tired all the time.  

I guess I will be in Ottawa this summer for the arrival of Baby O'Leary!  I am so pleased and excited and scared for her and excited for myself also.  I am ready and have already find myself looking at baby clothes and accoutrement's!  I have even bought the new stamp set "Baby Prints"  I know sick right?  I guess I am finally going to have to start scrap booking in earnest!

So here is the first "Official Baby Pic" , well not really the first on as that one shows the stick that lets you know you are pregnant. lol.  But this is one of the little "Bean" or as we affectionately like to call him/her "Peanut".

Yay right? 

Well this has been a long post and I thank you for sticking through it with me.  Peanut sized hugs!

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