Thursday, January 19, 2012

It was Panic time today!

Good Day Stampers!

Whew!  I had a small Panic attack today!  I was dawdling today in the craft room and looked at my calendar and thought I had a class tomorrow night in St. George's.  I have been puttering with their Stamp a Stack cards but don't have them all done.  I called my hubby and said I was mistaken, (he asked me when I would be out of town again) and that I would be gone tomorrow night.  I said I had a class on Jan 27th, tomorrow and was not prepared.  Now these are the things my nightmares are made of!  He laughed and said I had plenty of time, because today was only the 19th of Jan. 

I was so relieved I had to sit down.  WOW that was close!  hehehe!

I was chatting and catching up with my son last night on Skype and he asked me to do him a Valentine's Day card for his lovely wife.  I have finally arrived!  YAY!  I sent him the easel card that I did recently and also a gift tag in case he has something for my DIL.  (Which if he is smart at all, he will have something fab).  I used the Gnome Sweet Gnome stamp set.  I am finding this speaks to me more than flowers right now.  It's just my juvenile self showing through I know!

So here it is -

yep I like it alot!  I used the heart Framelits and some markers to fill in the gnome.  I eyeballed the lantern in his hand - wow I did a bang on job placing that just right didn't I?  YILM! 

 Of course as I am looking at the pic now I realize I should have done some sponging under his feet.  (I did it spur of the moment this morning so I could get it into the mail)  Of course since Gnomes are fantasy figures anyway I guess he could be levitating.  It's my tag and that's my story!

I also managed to connect with Tracy, one of my die hard stampers, from Baie Verte, who recently re-located to Fogo, and is missing her buds.  Nice to see your smiling face.  I hope you feel better soon.

So for today, that's all I have for you!  Heart stopping hugs!

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