Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take it to Heart!

Good Day Inky People!

How is everyone today?  I am feeling a little sluggish in the creative dept but am slowly getting back my mojo!  I don't know what it is about January but no matter how much coffee I drink I could sleep the day away and of course then I can't sleep in the evening.  I had Restless legs last night and by the time (3:00am) I decided to take something for them it was really too late but one muscle relaxer later I finally fell asleep at 4:00am.  Needless to say at 7:00 when the alarm went off I was slightly miffed because I was really asleep, in fact I think I was imitating a person in a coma!

But back to business - I spent last evening in my craft room and stared at my new stamp sets praying for inspiration.  Well someone answered because I made a really cute card.  Now this is probably not an earth shattering card but it will be one of the card we will be making at the end of Jan in my Mini and SAB class.  Have a look!

OK this picture doesn't make it look as wonderful as it really is,  but just wait lol.
This card is about 5 1/4" across and lies flat.  I used the Take it to Heart stamp set and Real Red and Whisper White card stock.  I find the new dies for the hearts remind me of the Boxes of Chocolates you give for Valentines Day don't you?

This is what I put inside the card.  Cute or what?  I used Chocolate Chip ink to sponge around the edges and then a Chocolate Chip circle to tie it all together.

This is what it looks like standing up. See?  It really is a fun project.   The Focal image is embossed in Vanilla scented embossing powder.  Yummy!

This is the side view of it standing proud and smelling all lovely.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I hope the ladies enjoy making this card as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

So on the home front my son (yes I have a son also not just a daughter) just started his work term in Waterloo On.  Working with RIM or Research in Motion.  He seems to be enjoying it and I skyped with him last night for a short while.  Nice to see your handsome face son!  

My Pregnant daughter just got her first car yesterday and is starting to feel a little better.  She has been suffering from nausea in the evenings and has been pretty miserable.  lol.  I told her be careful what you wish for!!!  Not much sympathy eh?

My Hubby bought me a Wii for Xmas and I have been teaching him how to play.  It's too funny!  He loves bowling and really gets into it.  All I can do is laugh and tease him.  My son said he wants to see video cause he can't believe his dad is getting into gaming!  Rick is very competitive and so am I,  all I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this new activity. 

So that's it for today my lovelies!  Back soon with some more creations.  Heartfelt hugs!

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