Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Surprise and a couple of didn't quite make the mark cards!

Good Day Stampers!

Ok is the world going to end soon?  We have had three sunny days in a row.  Ok either I am experiencing some weird sight thing or something bad is going to follow!  We very seldom have this kind of weather in Newfoundland this time of year.  Usually it's snow followed by tons of snow and grey days.  Hey I'm not complaining, I guess I am bragging lol.

So today's post is about another surprise in my mail box.  Don't you just love those?  By now I can really tell when the card is homemade by the size of the envie.  Colleen, by sister, (who by now we all know and love) has one upped me!   (I guess she is still suffering from the sting of Xmas) 

She sent me a Valentine's Day card.  Oh and not just any card, no siree,  a very pretty one.  I have said that I don't do simple well but rest assured Colleen does.  This is one simple card with impact.  Have a look -

Ok this pic really does not do this card any justice.  She has scored around the edges and cut the Red Glimmer Paper with the Heart Punch.  The impact of White and Real Red with nothing else to clutter it.  WOW!  What can I say?  It's a home run!  Thanks Sis. 

Remember the other day when I posted the Crayon Resist card I designed for my Techniques class?  Well I just thought it might be fun to show you the first draft so to speak.  While this card is nice, I felt it didn't quite make the mark.  So I designed this one.

Took it down to basics and let the image do what it was meant to do.  Draw the eye!  I changed it to make it not quite so busy. 
This was the first draft of the Painting with Embossing Powder technique.  While nice - again I thought I could do better.  I stuck to the same color scheme and of course kept the butterfly.  But compare it to the one I ultimately chose to do with the ladies.  Night and day right?

The elements are similar but presented in a different way! 

I wanted to show you that even I, have an off day sometimes.  When I feel like this I just walk away for awhile and then think about the problem.  When I finally come back to it for some reason it seems to flow.  So I hope showing you my not so great cards will help you and make you feel better if it doesn't come out right the first time.  (Big Thud followed by swearing)  Cause - me being knocked off my pedestal!  Oh well Just have to get a darn ladder and climb back up there.  I quite like the view!  hahaha 

Surprised Hugs!

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