Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon!

Good Day Inky People!

And a good day it is too!  Two days of sunshine in a ROW!  I love sun!  I miss it so much during the long and cold winter days.  I seem so much more energetic when the sun is shining.  Of course it could stem from the sunshine on the dusty furniture that makes me move faster (trying to clean it up I mean).  Go on tell me you don't do the same thing!

So today I went to my mail box to check and see if there was anything from anyone and guess what besides something for my DH, there was!!!  I got a lovely surprise from my up-line Kay Smith.  She is such a darling woman.  (and not cause she sends me a card a month either.)   Kay sends out a card to the highest sales earners in her down line and thanks to all my stampers I generally receive one.    So yesterday I got a really cute card and a little surprise to go with it.  Have a look -

This is the card.  Cute right?  She is the fearless leader of Strawberry Super Stampers group.  She chose the name because she resides on Strawberry Marsh road in St. John's.  I love, love, love getting these in the mail.   But look at the next pic -

Yes this was also in the package!  Look at that lovely ribbon.  How did she know I didn't have any of this particular type?  I have been going to order some but there always seems to be something else I need more.  hahaha.  Okay now I need to get up to the craft room and do her gift justice. 

This is another one of the perks working with Stampin' Up!  I love.  Meeting new and wonderful ladies, without this craft and Stampin' Up!  I would never have met Kay and my beautiful stampers.  I told my hubby the other day that I am so blessed to be able to meet new and amazing people because of what I do. 

Well enough with the tear in the eye stuff (although I mean every word of it) but I don't want you all  crying into your coffee.  So I guess tomorrow will feature a card done with the new Pleated ribbon from the Occasions Mini!  Pleated hugs!

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