Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fresh Vintage and Ideas for a workshop!

Good Day Stampers and Crafty people!

I am running on a high today because I entered a contest at Stampin' Up!  Yes, I finally entered a contest showcasing my work!  I know that I usually like what I am putting out there but I'm like everyone else, I am unsure (yes, I did use that word in conjunction with me) of myself at times and I haven't felt like entering any of the contests offered by SU! 

Yesterday was the deadline and I got crazy last night and finished off my entries.  The theme was Workshop Make and Takes, a Hostess gift and something that you would likely demonstrate at the Workshop!  So here is what I came up with.  The card you have already seen but I liked the card so much I built my theme around it.  Have a lookee!

This is the whole package!  If you book a workshop for your friends this could all be yours!  Something to think about for sure.

This would be the Hostess Gift - I need a better pic because this one does not show the outer Black layer on the Cello bag topper well. 

This would be the demo part of the workshop!

One Stamp set, Two colors, Two punches and lots of WOW factor.  Wish me luck!   I will let you know if I am successful!

Gosh when I read that back to myself I want to say "One Survivor"!!  Been watching the new season.  It was on last night - my dirty little obsession :O)  I never miss and if I have a class or workshop on the night it airs my DH tapes it for me! 

So that's it for today!  Crossed finger hugs!

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