Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hair Pretties!

Hi everyone,

It's your friendly neighborhood Blog Hogger here.  I was inspired by one of Kathy's recent posts, the one where a lady made hair accessories for her daughter's birthday party.  I saw!  I wanted!  lol

So I started playing around with Stampin' Up ribbon and accessories and came up with an extremely simple knock-off for children . . . and those of us who are young-at-heart!  (No, that is not the same thing as childish!  lol)

Here's what I did:
(1) I cut a piece of ribbon 10" long.
(2) I sealed the ends of the ribbon with the Heat Embossing Tool.  (You just heat it until the ends won't ravel.  If you heat it past that, the ends start to curl.  So if the ends start to curl . . . stop!  lol)

(That's a lousy picture of the ribbon, but didn't the Stampin' Up logo come out beautifully?  lol)

(3) I ran a running stitch (I think that's what it's called.  Anyway, it's just a very loose stitch.) along one side of the ribbon.  This picture shows the stitching started but I continued the stitch to the end.  I also left the end of the thread attached to the spool, so I could cut off exactly what I needed, as you'll see in the next step.  The thread I used was coat thread, which is very thick and strong.  I tried regular thread but it broke when I tried to pull it tight . . . as you will also see in the next step.

(4) I pulled the thread tight, which made the ribbon gather into a circle, determined the amount of thread I needed, and cut it off.  Then I pulled the thread very tight and knotted it three times . . . just to make sure it didn't come apart.  The picture shows the back of the flower.

(5) I flipped the flower over and used a craft glue gun to glue a Whisper White half-back pearl in the center.  The picture shows the extra thread still attached.  I use that thread to tie the flower onto a bobby pin.  (Yup, it's that easy!)

Here's a couple of pictures showing some of the flowers . . . aka "Hair Pretties" . . . I made!

I used 5/8" Daffodil Delight ribbon for this hair pretty.  Because the ribbon was smaller than the others I'd done, I used the glue gun to attach two flowers to the bobby pin.  (BTW, do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of something in your hair . . . by yourself?  Well, I do!  lol)

These ones were made using 7/8" Chocolate Chip, a random piece of non-Stampin' Up burgundy, and 1" Baja Breeze ribbon.  Although you can't see it, the Chocolate Chip and burgundy hair pretties are attached to bobby pins.  I used a Very Vanilla half-back pearl in the middle of the Chocolate Chip flower.  I used a Stampin' Up Rhinestone Brad in the middle of the burgundy one.

I made the Baja Breeze flower into a pin/brooch.

That's it for now.

Pretty hugs,

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